Energy Optimizing Monitoring

Ihr Partner für messtechnische Systemlösungen


Data about the actual energy requirement form the basis for energetic optimization measures. But often these data are incomplete or missing. This is where eom solutions can help.

With the help of portable or permanently installed heat meters, all liquid-based energy cycles (cold and hot water systems) can be measured. In doing so, a complete heat meter is realized by means of non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters (the measuring heads are placed on the pipe from the outside) and the flow and return temperatures are measured. In addition, the data can be recorded at any time interval or made available online via a web server.

Common applications are:

  •  Energy measurements of individual consumers or consumer groups or partial strands
  • Measurement of temporal progressions of the power taken for the determination of maximum, minimum and average power
  • Performance measurements for the determination of guaranteed values ​​for conversions or changes to system components
  • Energy measurements to identify the causes of problems such as undersupply, increased energy consumption, etc. and to derive measures to improve the situation

The obtained data can also be used in a variety of ways to identify and quantify energy saving potentials. Frequently, the following optimization potentials can be identified on the basis of the measurement results:

  • Minimizing the energy of circulating pumps: The actual status is determined by precise determination of the instantaneous volume flows and the operating point of the pump. On the basis of planning and design data, the optimal operating conditions for the present application can then be determined and a package of measures to achieve this can be established. Not infrequently, savings of up to 80% of pump energy are possible here.
  • Utilization of waste heat: Particularly with larger energy supply systems in industrial enterprises, hotels etc. waste heat potentials are often available, which can be used with exact knowledge of the temporal power requirement and the necessary temperature levels, in order to cover a part of the heat requirement. For the design and planning of the heat recovery systems, however, exact data is necessary, which can only be obtained by on-site measurements.
  • Optimization of chillers: The efficiency of chillers depends on many different factors. In many applications, a sum of unfavorable boundary conditions leads to significantly higher drive energy than was planned. In this case, targeted measurements to ascertain the actual state usually automatically lead to insights that show potential for improvement in the energy situation and can be used as the basis for optimization concepts.

Eom solutions cooperates with Güssing Energy Technologies (GET).  As a research institute, GET has extensive experience in the conception, planning and implementation of energy efficiency measures and, as a know-how carrier in the energy sector, is accustomed to profitably implementing the results of research.